Your window to the UK timber market

Planting the seeds

We know how difficult it is to effectively sell your timber product into new export markets. You may be unsure of the size of the market for your product, You perhaps don’t know the key companies dealing in your product and you may be unsure of the language. Even those companies with some experience of the market often find it hard to turn initial interest into orders and long term commitments. Setting up your own representative in the UK is costly and employing an agency is a committed step. We offer a different solution.

30 rings of experience

Euroscan Timber, established thirty years this year has the industry knowledge, the right contacts within the timber business and the sales and marketing skills to enable you to make your first steps into the UK market on your terms and without long term commitments.


Specialised services

Our small bilingual team offer a few options; an introductory sales and marketing package, full agency work and additional features like translation and design, all carried out in house by timber, design and marketing professionals who know the product, understand the business and operate in the right sector to maximise your chances in this key market.




Sales &

'Sales and maketing tailored to suit your needs'



'A traditional agency business which supports your customers in the UK'

Design & Development

'Design services to boost your product's appeal'